Day 53 – Weekend Warrior

“Use the weekend to build the life you want, not to escape the one you have!”

What do you spend your weekends or your free time on? Do you use this time to escape reality or the life that you have created for yourself? Is your time spent on partying, entertainment, travel, or other things that may consume all of your time? We all get TGIF syndrome where the week has worn us down and we cannot wait for the weekend to arrive. After a tough workweek along with the mundane things in life the last thing we may want to do is build anything or do anything other than relax and have some fun. If one hundred percent of you time is being devoted to things that allow you a break from your responsibilities for a short time, there are going to be things that never get accomplished. If we do not maintain balance in our lives, we may be doing a disservice to ourselves.

Your weekends can be spent building as pose to escaping, such as starting a business, updating your home, living a healthy lifestyle or anything that that enhances your life. Weekends represent just under thirty percent of each of our weeks and we could get a lot accomplished if we consistently apply ourselves. Why not look at you weekends as valuable time to create and/or build a life that is continuously evolving. Set goals both small and large and start chipping away at those things that are waiting to be tackled or accomplished. As you begin to build, you will begin to create momentum which will turn into ongoing creation. Instead of escaping the life you have utilize the weekends to build the life you desire.

Day 52 – Love Connection

“Are all of your connections intact and working efficiently?”

Have you ever looked at your relationship to make sure all of your connections are linked? When all of our connections are not secure there may be trouble. If communication within your relationship is challenging the result could be frustration, regular disagreements and more times than not arguments. How about our connection to our hearts, is it flowing both ways? If our hearts are not synchronized with our partners then hearts can be misled or broken. Not having reciprocal love or feelings can leave a bad taste in our mouths. Our physical connections are also vital to our relationships when it comes to touch, affection and intimacy. A telltale sign of relationships that are coming to an end is when the physical connection no longer exists. There is no affection, intimacy is gone and many choose to keep their distance due to the broken physical connection.

When all of your connections are established and continuous the relationship should be a very good one. The order in which we establish our connections is key and must be done in the beginning. As we get to know our mates we look for the first connection to be established through conversation and dialogue. This connection allows each person to get to know each other, share beliefs and understand if each person is intellectually compatible. As each person begins to get to know each other feelings tend to grow which establishes an inner connection. With connections flowing for both intellectual and feelings standpoint the physical connection is ready to be explored. Attraction can be more than just physical; however, a couple’s compatibility can be visual as they interact with each other starting with holding hands, the first kiss and being comfortable in each other’s space. As the physical connection grows stronger so does the intimacy. When all three connections are working in synch and strong a relationship can not only be a fruitful one but it can endure the many challenges that relationships present. As we look within our current or new relationships we will do well by evaluating each of these important connections.

Day 51 – Right is Right!


“No matter what right is right and wrong is wrong!”

We were raised by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or whomever our guardians were not to do wrong but to do right. There are consequences for doing wrong and there is little to no recognition for doing the right thing. We were raised to do right, provided rules during our schooling and were taught laws of the land. The rules were enforced for those that elect to do wrong so why is there so much wrong doing in the world? Often times we make deliberate decisions that result in wrong doing and we attempt to justify our actions, nevertheless it’s still wrong! Excuses also come into play as we sometimes BLMcommit a wrong because a wrong was done to us first, nevertheless it’s still wrong. Are we slow to admit when we are wrong, well this is no better than not owning our mistakes. Do we learn from our wrong doings or do we shrug our shoulders and overlook the opportunity to right a wrong?

What would our world be like if everyone set out to do the right thing all the time unless they did not know what they were doing or saying was wrong. The key is what we decide to do once we know the difference between right and wrong! When we do the right thing there is inner peace and a sense of fulfillment. The more right we do the better our character is and those around us see the value in our ways. It’s rare that ambiguity exists when it comes to right versus wrong, right is right and wrong is wrong. We must be the example to our children and not say do as I say but not do as I do. We all have a mutual responsibility to do the right thing as much as possible while learning from our missteps. If we focus on right we can all positively influence the world we live in.

“This was written earlier this year and I have not altered it to demonstrate that regardless of today’s climate we ALL need to do RIGHT!”


Day 50 – Partnership

“A partner is key to achieving more!”

Have you ever tried to take on a task that would have been so much easier to accomplish with another set of hands to help you? Many of us have taken a stubborn approach to life convincing ourselves that we don’t need any help and we will be just fine on our own. If we take life on by ourselves are we selling ourselves short? We are more than likely going to accomplish less without a partner and make life a bit more challenging to say the least. Without a partner we can be inconsistent with our efforts, we tend to have less focus. Without a partner we give up easier when times get tough, things just never get done. Without a partner our progress is much slower and our aspirations can feel daunting.

If we have a partner and have not allowed them to participate or be a part of our aspirations then it’s time to let them in and combine forces to achieve more in life. If we don’t have a partner then make it a point to find one that matches your life’s vision or someone that has a similar vision where the both of you can benefit from each other. Be Partnershipopen to learning from each other as everyone has something to offer and you may be surprised by what others want and can achieve if you just have the conversations. Be choosy in the partner you pick and make sure they are a positive influence and they don’t become a detractor or negative influence. Put your plan together, compromise, be willing to make adjustments along the way and avoid the mentality of it’s my way or the highway. We all need help along the way and can achieve so much more with the right partner in life!

Day 49 – Reality

“We must deal with what is real instead of what should be!”

Have you ever been stuck on how your life is in its current state? At times we can be consumed with all of the things that have not gone according to plan and we continue to live in frustration. Some of us had a dream of how our life would consist of such as having a great job, a big house, our dream car, being happily married with kids and a few pets etc. Well if you are living your dream you’re probably in the minority as the rest of us are asking ourselves the question what happened? There comes a point in life where many of us have embraced our reality and we may even blame others where we are in life. It may be time for a reality check.

The old adage that life gives us lemons and we have to make lemonade with them or whatever you favorite food made of lemons is, can be very fitting here. What are we going to make out of life with what we have today and where we are? It may be a good time to pause and re-evaluate what our life is and make the most out of our circumstances until we can change them to be what we want. Let’s focus on the good that is present in our lives including reflecting on the progress we have made up until this point. Be okay that our life vision has changed a bit; however, we cannot be complacent and we must continue to set new goals and reset them over and over again. We may have reoccurring dreams when we sleep at night but it does not mean that we won’t have new dreams along the way. Be okay with altering you dream by incorporating our reality as we strive to improve our lives.

Day 48 – Be the Light

“We can be the light in the darkness!”

Everything around us can feel dark, gloomy, depressive and full of negativity at times. We are exposed to bad influences or we can be the bad influence and not even realize it. There are times throughout our lives where there is a lack of hope and things look bleak. People turn to drugs and alcohol or other vices to numb the pain of life. How does someone dig themselves out of the being destitute or lacking hope? How do people get out of their own way? What are the things that individuals can do to improve their lot in life? Is it realistic to think that regardless of our circumstances, whether self-inflicted or not, that any of us can guide ourselves to a better space whether it be related to our mental, physical, emotional or financial state. We may need to lean on someone else if we are being honest with ourselves.

Those that are in a dark place and are struggling need assistance at times and those that are in a great place can help. We can be someone else’s light by encouraging them, guiding them, inspiring them and being a positive influence in their life. Most if not all of us are willing to help lightsomeone that wants to help themselves. As we look around at our family, friends, co-workers and classmates, there are people that need our help. You never know the impact that you can make that may be the very spark that gets someone back on track in life. We must not put ourselves at risk by providing help that ultimately hurts us. We can be a source of inspiration and knowledge as so many people in the world are without mentors. As good people get lost, we can be the light that illuminates the dark and provide hope for those we come in contact with.

Day 47 – Colored In A White World

“Be proud to be of color but think white!”

Minorities often complain about the inequities that can be seen in the world that has been dictated and has been beneficial by Whites generation after generation. Today minorities are as close as they have ever been, at any time period in history, to closing the gap which is still extremely wide. Poverty is the far to common for blacks and those of color. People of color are routinely categorized as lower middle class, and are not far from poverty. Upper middle class for blacks is not living paycheck to paycheck and being able to take vacations, save for retirement, buy a home comfortably and other things that represent a decent quality of life.  Blacks don’t regularly look at wealth as being realistic, whereas whites expect wealth, live wealthy, get wealthier and cannot fathom not being wealthy. Whites hire people that look like them whether they are qualified or not and keep the great jobs in the family or in their race. Where do we start to change our way of thinking, is it education, entrepreneurship, by owning our communities? When are we going to stop saying whatever I have is going to my grave with me!

Build wealth and leaving a legacy is a great place to start. How many of you friends are well off because their parents or close relatives left them something of significance such as an inheritance of liquid assets, property or a lucrative business. As young adults did legacywe embrace the advice given to us by our parents or those that were influential to us? Did we create a tougher life for ourselves because we did what we wanted in lieu of what we needed to do? We have to start making two parent homes the standard and not the exception. With power comes great responsibility; with ownership comes power to make change including who we hire. We have to lives within our needs and not within our means; we cannot create wealth if we are making others wealthy through conspicuous consumption. We must balance our spending with asset accumulation. We must start raising the bar on everything we touch including our careers, empowering our children, wealth management, and understanding things outside of what we know to increase our knowledge. Life insurance and real estate ownership can leave our beneficiaries assets that can be expounded upon with each generation. Changing our ways does not mean we change our color.

Day 46 – Naked In The Field


Do you love people for who they are?”

Has anyone ever told you that they loved you unconditionally? Buck naked in the field is just that, meaning without our worldly possessions, jobs, money, homes or the other tangible things that people associate us with. How many celebrities, wealthy people, or well-known people become attractive solely on the basis of their position in life? Where would those individuals be if they were without their current status? As a society we tend to gravitate towards the influential and popular in school, work or our friendships. The harsh reality is that we often overlook content and character in lieu of what people have or can do for us.

If our mates chose us on the basis of how we treat them, the kindness we show, the love Fieldwe provide, and the understanding we provide, who would we choose if we started all over again? Great question as some of us are choosing our mates as we speak and over time our criteria may have changed. Women will adamantly say I married for love; however, the second one will be for money! Are we really going to be happy with an emphasis on material worth in lieu of substance? We may be able to have both but starting with substance could result in a better relationship that will last until death do us part. As we interview and evaluate potential mates, looking for substance could result in finding our unconditional love, one that we will love no matter what…buck naked in the field just as they are.

Day 45 – New Experiences

“Every exit is an entrance to a new experience!”

Have you ever felt confused as something significant changed in your life and you were hesitant to look forward? Moving from your current home or to a new city, leaving a job or leaving a long time relationship could all be instances that bring about fear. If we are resistant to the change that is occurring or has already occurred, it may be causing us unnecessary stress and other negative effects. Have you ever thought about why change is such a bad thing in our eyes? How we handle these significant changes could also negatively affect our family or others that care about us. Being open to change could make all the difference in the world when change is upon us. It may be time for you to view significant changes in your life or exits as an entrance to a new experience in your life.

Leaving your current home or moving to a new city, leaving a job or even leaving a long time relationship could all be the exit you need to go through in order to enter a new experience. Looking at change as a positive experience can have many benefits for us. ExitThe only thing in life that is constant is change and approaching change head on with a positive outlook is the right way to go. Accepting the change for what it is instead of kicking and screaming is step one. Don’t waste precious time and energy on looking backwards but instead, formulate a plan to make the change work well for you. Moving to a new home could be your chance to put yourself in a better financial place or it could provide a better living environment that is a boost for your mental state. Leaving a long time job to go to a new company and a new opportunity could be a great time to reset your career. It’s a chance to establish new business relationships, add to your business skills and experience, or move to a company that has a culture that is more in line with your preferences. What about a long term relationship, moving on from one could be a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and broaden your experiences. A relationship reset is a chance for you to apply what you have learned from the previous missteps you have made. As we walk through life’s exits, let’s not look back as we open a new door in our lives. Open your next new door with cautious excitement as you move forward to new experiences.


Day 44 – Focus

“The power we gain from focus”

When we are out of sync and not doing things like we said we would or planned we have no one to blame but ourselves. Self-improvement is a hot topic throughout society and there are businesses and entrepreneurs that profit from our need and desire for self-improvement. We spend our hard earned money on the idea around continuous improvement only to fall short of our goals due to the many distractions around us. Our environment and those we surround ourselves with are key contributors to our lack of continuous improvement. Procrastination is also a contributing factor, have you ever heard someone say “yep I’m going to start next week but right now I am going to enjoy myself?” We may need to adopt the saying there’s no time like the present!


It’s not out of the question to say that we feel great when we accomplish our goals or see Focusprogress. How can we be more consistent? It starts with us being laser focused so we create the power to become better versions of ourselves. We have to get out of our own way as well as not let outside influences deter us from making progress or reaching our goals. If we align ourselves with other focused individuals or groups, then we are less likely to fail. We have to make our goal non-negotiable like a bank check, once the check is completed and signed; changes are not accepted by the bank. It is easy to give in and go with the flow when others try to persuade us to not take our goals so seriously. It’s difficult, only in the beginning, to remain steadfast with our purpose; however, the more we stick to our guns the easier it becomes to stay on track. Let’s start now, not tomorrow, not next week! Our laser focus can give us the power to do the things we set out to do and do them at a high level.