Day 55 – Feelings vs. Mind

Don’t let your feelings win over your mind!

Have you ever been over emotional and made a knee-jerked reaction or regretted that decision after having time to think about it rationally? More than likely, you would have made a different decision or handled things better. Many experts advise people to avoid making emotionally driven decisions when making large purchases such as a car or a home. If we are making decisions based off our feelings, then we are not considering other factors that tend to come back and haunt us later. Our feelings and emotions are not as concerned about budgets, practicality, or how something may impact us down the road. Emotionally driven decisions are driven by what makes us feel good in the moment or something that has caught our eye and we just want it without really thinking it through. Our feelings can be initiated much easier than our minds which tend to require some thought and effort on our parts. It is not our minds that we must control but it is more likely our feelings that need to be controlled to keep them in check. If we were to look back at some of the decisions we’ve made in the past, were they based on feeling or did we use our minds? Of those decisions, ask yourself were they good or bad decisions.

In order to be better at decision making, we must remove or balance our feelings from decisions that should be based more practicality, costs, time, and long-term impacts to name a few. We’ve all heard of the concept of weighing the pros and cons. We will do well if we use our minds to make important decisions by truly putting some thought into it, whether it be listing out the pros and cons, evaluating the costs and future costs of a purchase such as a car or home. We must do our due diligence and research information so that we are educated enough to make an informed decision. If we are on the verge of a decision regarding something we are not that familiar with, we can ask and expert in that field, speak with a family member or friend that has knowledge about the subject, and we can do our own research to familiarize ourselves with the topic. This will avoid allowing feelings to drive our decisions and lean more on our minds. As we grow, we gain experience and as we apply what we’ve learned we gain wisdom, don’t let our feelings win over your mind!

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