Day 56 – Connected States of America (CSA)

“How can we be United if there is division everywhere?”

We have referred to the North American country we live in as the United States of America; however, there is little if any evidence that the USA is actually united. There is separatism and division that is evident in key areas and it’s time for a different approach. The forefathers and the principles that this country was founded upon have not evolved when we live in a world that is characterized by continuous change. You can cross one state line and enter another state and the laws are so different. You may be able to gamble in one state but not another. You may buy marijuana legally in one state but once you cross into a neighboring state it is illegal to buy marijuana. You can move to another state, and you must then obtain a new driver’s license due to the laws being different from one state to another. The Government is divided into two political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, who do not have the country’s best interest at hand and instead set out to position themselves to gain power and/or are driven by their own agendas. There are significant divisions amongst the citizens based on race, class, wealth and education throughout the country. We are the Connected States of American and unity does not exist

It may be time to federalize the country to ensure there is consistency, accountability, equity and inclusion in the critical areas that should not vary from state to state. There should be a Federal Drivers License that permits you to drive in any state and you should only have to change your address to match your actual residence. Eliminate the democratic and republican parties and work together with the best interest of the country and its citizens; run the country like the big business it is. Have the Military take over all local and state policy entities to create police reform. Military as the police would do a much better and more consistent job at policing our cities and towns. Today’s police act when they suspect crime versus the military who don’t act without orders from those in charge. The Military sends out teams to do reconnaissance prior to taking action to assess the situation and determine a strategy. Could this approach significantly reduce or eliminate the injustice and harm we’ve witnessed far to often to people of color and to prevent other innocent people from dying? There have been countless occurrences that serve as evidence that the approach being used today is not effective. Until the country units together, we need to be honest with ourselves by acknowledging that we are living in the Connected States of America!

One thought on “Day 56 – Connected States of America (CSA)

  1. Hi,

    Well states and so true!

    Keep up the great writing, I missed talking to you and pray all is well. ________________________________


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