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The 365 Things I Learned in a Year

We learn so much from the people and experiences that touch ours lives each day that I wanted to share what I have learned in a year’s time.

This blog is intended to be a quick read at your convenience as a way to reflect on past experiences related to the topic of the day. Readers can also think about how the topic of the day can be an opportunity to think about the future and how it could benefit the reader going forward as they tackle life.

Please check in weekly to see new posts related to themes such as:


Thank you to those that have given me valuable feedback and encouraged me to create a forum to share what I have learned from so many people, you have truly been a source of inspiration!   – Mark    

“All I can say is wow! This is how I felt on so many levels when I was in a relationship! Really good stuff Mark I think a lot of people would agree.” – P.B. “I think people would truly benefit from your book, reading the “Love Level” definately was a benefit to me and … Continue reading Testimonials