Day 54 – Know Your Purpose

“Do you have a clear sense of purpose and are you aligned with it?”

Have you ever noticed someone who appears to be lost in their way or just wandering about with no real destination? They appear out of sorts and confused with no real purpose. We too can feel this way in our everyday lives if we don’t have a purpose. When’s the last time you’ve asked yourself if you were just going with the flow? Do you wake up each day with a direction, goals, or a sense of purpose? Are you willing to take a calculated risk? Are you in your own way or are great at coming up with excuses why you can’t succeed? Are you afraid to make life changing decisions? If any of the answers to these questions are yes, then it may be time for a change in behavior.

Notice the characteristics of someone with a purpose in life: they are passionate, unwavering, excited, willing to help others with the same passion, and most importantly exudes positivity. If you don’t know your purpose, are you looking for it by exploring and doing the research on what makes your life more meaningful? We can do well by starting to change what we are giving our time to. Once you’ve identified your purpose make it the priority in your life! Every day of your life should contribute to or help evolve your purpose in life. Gravitate to those that can enhance your purpose or have a similar one. Create affirmations for yourself daily instead of finding reasons that you can’t accomplish your goals or carry out your purpose. Don’t do what’s popular, do what works for you! Once we have a clear sense of purpose in our lives and we are aligned with it on a regular basis, our lives can be so much more fulfilling.

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