Day 53 – Weekend Warrior

“Use the weekend to build the life you want, not to escape the one you have!”

What do you spend your weekends or your free time on? Do you use this time to escape reality or the life that you have created for yourself? Is your time spent on partying, entertainment, travel, or other things that may consume all of your time? We all get TGIF syndrome where the week has worn us down and we cannot wait for the weekend to arrive. After a tough workweek along with the mundane things in life the last thing we may want to do is build anything or do anything other than relax and have some fun. If one hundred percent of you time is being devoted to things that allow you a break from your responsibilities for a short time, there are going to be things that never get accomplished. If we do not maintain balance in our lives, we may be doing a disservice to ourselves.

Your weekends can be spent building as pose to escaping, such as starting a business, updating your home, living a healthy lifestyle or anything that that enhances your life. Weekends represent just under thirty percent of each of our weeks and we could get a lot accomplished if we consistently apply ourselves. Why not look at you weekends as valuable time to create and/or build a life that is continuously evolving. Set goals both small and large and start chipping away at those things that are waiting to be tackled or accomplished. As you begin to build, you will begin to create momentum which will turn into ongoing creation. Instead of escaping the life you have utilize the weekends to build the life you desire.

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