Day 52 – Love Connection

“Are all of your connections intact and working efficiently?”

Have you ever looked at your relationship to make sure all of your connections are linked? When all of our connections are not secure there may be trouble. If communication within your relationship is challenging the result could be frustration, regular disagreements and more times than not arguments. How about our connection to our hearts, is it flowing both ways? If our hearts are not synchronized with our partners then hearts can be misled or broken. Not having reciprocal love or feelings can leave a bad taste in our mouths. Our physical connections are also vital to our relationships when it comes to touch, affection and intimacy. A telltale sign of relationships that are coming to an end is when the physical connection no longer exists. There is no affection, intimacy is gone and many choose to keep their distance due to the broken physical connection.

When all of your connections are established and continuous the relationship should be a very good one. The order in which we establish our connections is key and must be done in the beginning. As we get to know our mates we look for the first connection to be established through conversation and dialogue. This connection allows each person to get to know each other, share beliefs and understand if each person is intellectually compatible. As each person begins to get to know each other feelings tend to grow which establishes an inner connection. With connections flowing for both intellectual and feelings standpoint the physical connection is ready to be explored. Attraction can be more than just physical; however, a couple’s compatibility can be visual as they interact with each other starting with holding hands, the first kiss and being comfortable in each other’s space. As the physical connection grows stronger so does the intimacy. When all three connections are working in synch and strong a relationship can not only be a fruitful one but it can endure the many challenges that relationships present. As we look within our current or new relationships we will do well by evaluating each of these important connections.

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