Day 50 – Partnership

“A partner is key to achieving more!”

Have you ever tried to take on a task that would have been so much easier to accomplish with another set of hands to help you? Many of us have taken a stubborn approach to life convincing ourselves that we don’t need any help and we will be just fine on our own. If we take life on by ourselves are we selling ourselves short? We are more than likely going to accomplish less without a partner and make life a bit more challenging to say the least. Without a partner we can be inconsistent with our efforts, we tend to have less focus. Without a partner we give up easier when times get tough, things just never get done. Without a partner our progress is much slower and our aspirations can feel daunting.

If we have a partner and have not allowed them to participate or be a part of our aspirations then it’s time to let them in and combine forces to achieve more in life. If we don’t have a partner then make it a point to find one that matches your life’s vision or someone that has a similar vision where the both of you can benefit from each other. Be Partnershipopen to learning from each other as everyone has something to offer and you may be surprised by what others want and can achieve if you just have the conversations. Be choosy in the partner you pick and make sure they are a positive influence and they don’t become a detractor or negative influence. Put your plan together, compromise, be willing to make adjustments along the way and avoid the mentality of it’s my way or the highway. We all need help along the way and can achieve so much more with the right partner in life!

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