Day 49 – Reality

“We must deal with what is real instead of what should be!”

Have you ever been stuck on how your life is in its current state? At times we can be consumed with all of the things that have not gone according to plan and we continue to live in frustration. Some of us had a dream of how our life would consist of such as having a great job, a big house, our dream car, being happily married with kids and a few pets etc. Well if you are living your dream you’re probably in the minority as the rest of us are asking ourselves the question what happened? There comes a point in life where many of us have embraced our reality and we may even blame others where we are in life. It may be time for a reality check.

The old adage that life gives us lemons and we have to make lemonade with them or whatever you favorite food made of lemons is, can be very fitting here. What are we going to make out of life with what we have today and where we are? It may be a good time to pause and re-evaluate what our life is and make the most out of our circumstances until we can change them to be what we want. Let’s focus on the good that is present in our lives including reflecting on the progress we have made up until this point. Be okay that our life vision has changed a bit; however, we cannot be complacent and we must continue to set new goals and reset them over and over again. We may have reoccurring dreams when we sleep at night but it does not mean that we won’t have new dreams along the way. Be okay with altering you dream by incorporating our reality as we strive to improve our lives.

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