Day 48 – Be the Light

“We can be the light in the darkness!”

Everything around us can feel dark, gloomy, depressive and full of negativity at times. We are exposed to bad influences or we can be the bad influence and not even realize it. There are times throughout our lives where there is a lack of hope and things look bleak. People turn to drugs and alcohol or other vices to numb the pain of life. How does someone dig themselves out of the being destitute or lacking hope? How do people get out of their own way? What are the things that individuals can do to improve their lot in life? Is it realistic to think that regardless of our circumstances, whether self-inflicted or not, that any of us can guide ourselves to a better space whether it be related to our mental, physical, emotional or financial state. We may need to lean on someone else if we are being honest with ourselves.

Those that are in a dark place and are struggling need assistance at times and those that are in a great place can help. We can be someone else’s light by encouraging them, guiding them, inspiring them and being a positive influence in their life. Most if not all of us are willing to help lightsomeone that wants to help themselves. As we look around at our family, friends, co-workers and classmates, there are people that need our help. You never know the impact that you can make that may be the very spark that gets someone back on track in life. We must not put ourselves at risk by providing help that ultimately hurts us. We can be a source of inspiration and knowledge as so many people in the world are without mentors. As good people get lost, we can be the light that illuminates the dark and provide hope for those we come in contact with.

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