Day 21 – Building Wealth

“Are we building wealth in our lives?”

There are more things that contribute to whether or not our lives are filled with wealth other than money or financial security. Our degree of wealth is really determined by us not by anyone else. Our lives can be far different than those we know simply because of whom we surround ourselves with and what type of life makes us happy. Knowing what our wealth looks like can help us to stay on the right path and not get distracted by chasing someone else’s idea of what a prosperous life is. What are the things that are important to you? Is it time, knowledge, experiences, money or all of the above?

Some of us value time more than other things in life. Time could be related to the amount and quality of time spent with our families. Time could be the amount of time in which we can allocate to things we love to do outside of the work, school or the responsibilities of adulthood. Energy could be just as important, the amount of energy we have may be an important determiner of what we spend that energy on. Energy could also be the quality of that energy, is it negative or positive energy that surrounds our life. Knowledge may be a driving force in our level of wealth; do we seek out knowledge everyday through the vast knowledge that exists within the internet? Our pursuit of knowledge could be in the level of education we seek whether college, an advanced degree or a specialty skill as these may determine the level of our wealth. For some of us experience may be more important to us than anything else. If we like to travel or seek out new adventures we feel wealthy with the things and places we have experienced. Lastly, money can certainly be a source of wealth in which we determine what is appropriate. For some of us wealth is owning a home, retiring without fear of being in poverty, having a million dollars or more, or just having options to deal with life’s challenges. Regardless of what determines your wealth we should all be aware of which source(s) of wealth are of importance to us and go after that.




Day 20 – Opening New Doors

“Every exit is an entrance to a new experience!”

Have you ever felt bad as something significant changed in your life and you were hesitant to look forward? Moving from your current home or to a new city, leaving a job or leaving a long time relationship could all be instances that bring about fear. If we are resistant to the change that is occurring or has already occurred, it may be causing us unnecessary stress and other negative effects. Have you ever thought about why change is such a bad thing in our eyes? How we handle these significant changes could also negatively affect our family or others that care about us. Being open to change (like Day) could make all the difference in the world when change is upon us. It may be time for you to view significant changes in your life or exits as an entrance to a new experience in your life.

Leaving your current home or moving to a new city, leaving a job or even leaving a long time relationship could all be the exit you need to go through in order to enter a new experience. Looking at change as a positive experience can have many benefits for us. New ExperiencesThe only thing in life that is constant is change and approaching change head on with a positive outlook is the right way to go. Accepting the change for what it is instead of kicking and screaming is step one. Don’t waste precious time and energy on looking backwards but instead, formulate a plan to make the change work well for you. Moving to a new home could be your chance to put yourself in a better financial place or it could provide a better living environment that is a boost for your mental state. Leaving a long time job to go to a new company and a new job could be a great time to reset your career. It’s a chance to establish new business relationships, add to your business skills and experience, or move to a company that has a culture that is more in line with your preferences. What about a long term relationship, moving on from one could be a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and broaden your experiences. A relationship reset is a chance for you to apply what you have learned from the previous missteps you have made. As we walk through life’s exits, let’s not look back as we open a new door in our lives. Open your next new door with cautious excitement as you move forward to new experiences.

Day 19 – Appreciate What You Have

“Make the best out of what you have and make it work for you!”

It’s safe to say that we all want more out of life than we currently have but it takes time and effort to get our life the way we really want it to be. The reality is that we may never get to the ideal life no matter how hard we try. Appreciating what we have now with the understanding that future accomplishments will be icing on the cake will help us be more appreciative of what we have today. Do you have friends or family who are always complaining that their life is so awful? There is nothing worse than complainers that don’t take any action to change their circumstances and continue to complain about the same things over and over again.

If you are not appreciative of what you have in life, remember that there is always going to be someone out there that is doing better than you are as well as someone out there Gratefulthat is doing much worse than you are. Taking a look at what we have and appreciating it can go a long way in how we approach each day. If you have been at your job for more than 3 years is it really that bad? Is your spouse or mate, who is essentially the same person you fell in love with way back when, really that bad? Make a list of all the things that are going well in your life, be honest, and then make a list of all the things you want to change or add in your life. If your list of things that are going well in your life is longer than the list of changes or additions, then life may not be so bad after all. Once you come to the realization that life is really not as bad as you make it out to be, spend more energy on the list of changes or additions and make your life that much better. We will all do well by making the best out of what we have today.

Day 18 – Life Preserver

“Have you ever had a life preserver in your life?”

It goes without saying that life can be a handful at times and without some much needed help in our lives we might not survive! By now we may have been told that we should not always lean on our own understanding. That implies that we need help throughout life and we simply do not have all the answers or at least the correct answers. We have all kicked ourselves because we made a misstep or just screwed things up. Most if not all of us have a network of friends, family or coworkers that we can lean on from time to time to keep us honest or provide much needed guidance. If we let our stubbornness get the best of us by refusing to reach out to others for help, we are just asking for a rocky road. Think back to the last time you made a misstep and ask yourself what could you have done differently to make that situation a more positive one? If you went at it alone, maybe just maybe it could have been a different outcome had you been open to assistance.

The people in our lives that have or can help us can feel like life savers in so many instances. Have you ever heard someone be so gracious that they referred to the person that helped them as their life saver? We use the term life saver loosely; however, when Life Perserveryou think of the literal term and its importance it makes so much sense. Imagine you are not a strong swimmer at all, you just fell overboard and the seas are rough, what are the odds that you will save yourself? You may last a few minutes at best as you struggle to stay afloat. As soon as the boat crew takes action and tosses out the life preserver, a sigh of relief comes over you because without assistance you more than likely would not survive. The next time you are trouble or are contemplating an important decision, look to your live saver for help. If we utilize the life savers that have been placed in our lives, our chances of survival with each new challenge or decision may just turn out to be better than it would if we only relied on our self.

Day 17 – Why Not Me?

“Instead of asking why me, ask yourself why not me?”

We witness success all around us on the television, in the news, our friends, our coworkers and we should expect the same for ourselves. When opportunities become available do we automatically count ourselves out, if so why? We should all define what success looks like for us, not our parents or friends or family. If we want success we have to first believe in ourselves and make it happen. We are quick to provide all the reasons why we will not or should not be considered for a great opportunity in life. We are quick to say “why would anyone consider me?” Since we have thought long and hard about why we cannot achieve something, we are doing ourselves a disservice and essentially getting in our own way!

Instead of asking why me, ask why not me! Focus on all of the reasons we can achieve something or what we need to do to get us closer to where we want to be. Small Why Not Mesuccesses lead to bigger successes that can lead to even bigger successes. Life is a process and we will do well to follow the steps to success. We can all achieve what we put our minds to, the most important aspects of success is our self-belief and the efforts we put forth to achieving our goals. The next time a great opportunity presents itself, ask yourself why not me?

Day 16 – Can You Handle The Truth?

“Are you okay with the truth even if it hurts?”

Telling the absolute truth may not always seem like the best route to go. The truth can definitely hurt and people may appreciate the truth but that does not mean they will always take it well! In relationships when things are not working out so well, there is always someone that says if you don’t want to be with me just say so. And then when they get breaking news from their partner that it is over, they blow a gasket! Did they really want to know the truth? Every time your boss calls you into the office you automatically assume there is something wrong. If you are a valuable employee most times nothing is wrong at all. TruthWe all make mistakes at work whether we want to admit it or not; however, when we get that feedback or truth we don’t always take it well. Now when we interviewed for the job, we might have been asked the question, ‘how do you take criticism?’ Since you got the job you must have answered that question well but that doesn’t mean the truth won’t hurt.

We know better than anyone what we have done wrong in our lives and that we are going to continue to do some wrong. Honesty and truth are very important and it’s how we handle the truth that matters even more. There is a famous line in a movie that says “you can’t handle truth” and we know how that movie ends.  The truth may hurt but we need the truth so that we can make adjustments. The old adage the truth will set you free can free you from the things could be holding you back from being the best version of yourself. There are no guarantees in life so don’t react negatively to someone’s truth if you don’t agree with it. Take it with a grain of salt and learn from it or just state your perspective on the matter. Instead of the truth hurting, make the truth work for you.

Day 15 – Heavy Weight Champion of the World

“Do you have things or people in your life that weigh you down or make it difficult for your soar?”

As we look around our lives we probably have a lot going and sometimes it can get overwhelming. Life can feel like an uphill climb and the lighter the load the better so we don’t tire out. There are things and people that will certainly add weight to our journey up the hill of life. Do you have bad associations that add weight to your journey? Have you ever considered the impact of the people that are not liked-minded with you, are their weight? If there are people in your life that causes friction on a regular basis, does this impact you directly or indirectly? Do you have distractions that weigh you down and make it more difficult for you to stay on track? Is there reoccurring drama from others that adds dead weight and frustration to your life? Discouragers can also add unwanted Weightweight to our lives by discounting our efforts or ideas and we lose the zest we previously had. There are also people that appear to be idols or envious that could make you feel guilty for you own success or achievements. Our closest friends could be compelled to compete with us as oppose to being a support network. These dead weights are impeding our progress in life.

Identifying the dead weight in our lives can help tremendously as we climb the hill of life. When we make good decisions or remove a weight the relief we feel can be overwhelming at times. We have more energy and we can feel that what we want to accomplish is easier to achieve. Our focus can now shift from compensating for the weight to moving forward. Not only do we feel better when a weight is removed but we can identify weights approaching our lives before they weight us down. If we are dealing with dead weight and other things that are slowing us down, we must remove these weights so that we can not only climb but soar to the top or our climb in life.