Day 44 – Focus

“The power we gain from focus”

When we are out of sync and not doing things like we said we would or planned we have no one to blame but ourselves. Self-improvement is a hot topic throughout society and there are businesses and entrepreneurs that profit from our need and desire for self-improvement. We spend our hard earned money on the idea around continuous improvement only to fall short of our goals due to the many distractions around us. Our environment and those we surround ourselves with are key contributors to our lack of continuous improvement. Procrastination is also a contributing factor, have you ever heard someone say “yep I’m going to start next week but right now I am going to enjoy myself?” We may need to adopt the saying there’s no time like the present!


It’s not out of the question to say that we feel great when we accomplish our goals or see Focusprogress. How can we be more consistent? It starts with us being laser focused so we create the power to become better versions of ourselves. We have to get out of our own way as well as not let outside influences deter us from making progress or reaching our goals. If we align ourselves with other focused individuals or groups, then we are less likely to fail. We have to make our goal non-negotiable like a bank check, once the check is completed and signed; changes are not accepted by the bank. It is easy to give in and go with the flow when others try to persuade us to not take our goals so seriously. It’s difficult, only in the beginning, to remain steadfast with our purpose; however, the more we stick to our guns the easier it becomes to stay on track. Let’s start now, not tomorrow, not next week! Our laser focus can give us the power to do the things we set out to do and do them at a high level.

Day 43 – A House Is Not A Home

“Do you have a house or a home?”

 A well-known song contains enlightening lyrics that point out the difference between a house and home. The song writer makes it very clear that a home that is missing that someone special is just a house. Relationships can be reminiscent of a house that is devoid of someone special that adds so much meaning to many aspects of life. If you go about life alone and are missing that complimentary person in your life, you in essence only have a house. Characteristics of a house are vacant, without laughter, missing support and encouragement, not containing honest feedback and having a lack of overall fulfillment. We all need uplifting and support through the good and bad times. A house with empty walls and missing the smells of a welcoming place are much less desirable. It’s a place that is just an address with walls and ceilings, just a structure. A house is missing love and enrichment, cold and stark.

When a house goes through the transformation into a home, it’s a very desirable place to be with a welcoming feel. The same is true with a meaningful relationship where there is an obvious presence of love. Smiles and laughter consume every room in which the homecouple resides. Envious and celebrated love exists and those that are part of the relationship are thankful of the gift they have provided each other. Their home is just that, a warm and inviting place where the walls are filled with extensions of their personality. There are reminders and memories of the great times that have occurred and any empty spaces await the addition of items that capture new memories and experiences. A home is peaceful and bright and is a reflection of the persons that have created this home. Women deserve their just due as their influence and personal touch can be seen throughout the home and relationship. Men add masculinity to the home and relationship that represents safety and security to create a peaceful environment. If you have a home, be thankful and be appreciative of its very existence. Work together with your mate to keep your home just that; keeping a home is much easier that creating one.

Day 42 – Traditions

“Are traditions relevant anymore?”

We are a society of people that have traditions all around us, especially during the holidays throughout the year. Traditions have been passed down from one generation to another or are established by cities, states and countries. Traditions can be a positive experience but can attract commercialism as corporations pounce on the opportunity to improve their bottom lines. Traditions can be such a priority that we may even lose our perspective and make sacrifices to our time and finances for the sake of traditions. Are Christmas gifts that important that we have our lights cut off? Do married couples become increasingly separated as one spouse has traditions that the other is not as passionate about? Many traditions originated so long ago we don’t really know why we keep that tradition going. Have you ever researched the origins of any of the holiday Traditionstraditions that we embrace year after year, you may be surprised what information google has.

It may be time to review the traditions we partake in to see if they are truly valid or are deserving of our time and energy. Many families and friends have created special traditions that have materialized naturally because of a significant evident. Some of the best traditions are just spending time with your loved ones so relationships do not get lost as a result of the mundane things in life. Traditions can be special, bonding and serve as an everlasting connection that keeps us in touch with one another. Traditions often times are started with just a few words, “let’s make sure we do this again, this was great!” The best traditions are those that are still relevant and worthy of our time and sacrifices, if any. New traditions with significant meaning or benefit are worth establishing as we are in need of creating more connections in the times we live in.

Day 41 – NOW

“Reflecting is great, what we do next is more important!”

We all have a regret or two from our past that we wish we could undo so we can rewrite those events. Some of us have been and will continue to be our own worst critics, where we continue to beat ourselves up for the missteps we’ve made in the past. What if we were all celebrities or professional athletes whose missteps become so public and get circulated over our multimedia driven world? The silver lining for us is that our missteps may only be known by a few people but that does not mean it was less impactful to someone else. If we dwell on the past we may be causing more harm because we have not moved on from our missteps. Unfortunately, our lives are not a word document so the undo button does not exist so we have to reflect, learn and do better.

Today, this minute, this hour, the now is when we can do better! What we do next is extremely important as we demonstrate to ourselves and those around us that we are Nowbetter. What we do now is critical to our happiness as we focus on not making the same missteps we have made in the past. It may require us to take it one day at a time until we create new habits or routines or adopt philosophies that improve our decision making. Has someone ever resolved an issue for you but you keep referring back to what went wrong instead of focusing on the solution that was made. It’s next, the now, the new great decisions that we make that are important as we become the best version of ourselves.

Day 40 – Parts Of A Relationship

“A relationship is only as good as its parts.”

We have heard the quote from Aristotle that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts“ but what about applying this to relationships? The parts or people within a relationship are the components of the relationship and the relationship is as good as its parts. Relationships are more than not likely to succeed if one of the parts is not as strong as the other part.  If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you were not pulling your weight, I would be willing to bet that your partner at some point made it clear that you were not. It would be safe to say that we have all been there at one time or another. When one of the individuals in the relationship is not in a good place in life then there may be frustration from the other person in the relationship. The stronger of the two may feel as if they are carrying the relationship or feel as though the same effort is not being put forth by both people. It could be for a number of reasons such as, one person not physically pulling their weight by helping with the household chores. It could also be related to financial inequity, everyone is not contributing to the kitty. What about efforts related to keeping the relationship fresh with dating ideas? If only one person is planning or suggesting things to do then the relationship could fizzle out. The relationship can certainly be a challenge when things are not balanced; balance is key for most things in life.

If you are in or have been in a successful relationship then this concept is probably not foreign to you. You cannot expect your partner to be in the exact same place as you but if Sum of Partsthe parts of the relationship stick together then it will just be a matter of time before it feels like both parts are on equal footing. If we are encouraging and supportive of our partners then there will be a good sum. If you are looking to begin a new relationship then look for someone that is heading in the same direction as you. Remember that a great relationship is mutually beneficial as each part can help the other part learn and grow as the relationship grows and becomes stronger year over year. Know that it is okay to want and expect more than what you’ve had before with the mindset that if each part continues to get better the sum will in turn be as great as its parts.

Day 39 – The Gift of Goodbye


“Saying goodbye might not be as bad as you think.”

Relationships are so beneficial for both parties when things are great. When things start to go awry or each individual grows apart then the relationship has a dilemma on its hands. Not only is it hurtful but breaking up can certainly be awkward. It’s common that one of the partners in the relationship may want to stay in the relationship and work it out or they just don’t want to deal with the reality of it all. Moving on could be the best thing for both parties as this could represent a positive change in both people’s lives. There may be a tendency to hold on longer just because that is the easy route. Saying goodbye might not be as bad as you think.

The gift of goodbye that is what your breakup is. It is a gift, it is a blessing, it could be just what you need. Everything you are asking for is now making its way to you because your breakup is the blessing. You can rest your head at night knowing that what your hurt Goodbye.jpgwas affiliated with is no longer your problem. No more lies, no more stories, no more hurt and pain, just no more. You have to be able to see the blessing in your breakup. You deserve peace and you definitely deserve happiness. You deserve love and you deserve respect. You are not someone’s other, better than that you are the one. So get excited for all that is coming your way. It’s time to heal; this is your time to work on you. It’s not easy to heal from a break up but it can be done. Relationships no matter how long or short are not guaranteed to last forever. It may be time to say goodbye in order to be the best version of you.

-Thank you L.D. for sharing this learning experience!

Day 38 – Environmental Dangers

“Our environment should not limit our choices in life!”

We are all a product of the environments that we have been exposed to some good and some bad. When you look around the world there are children and adults that are dealing with the negative impacts of the environments in which they live in. We have been taught about peer pressure and the effects of those that we come in contact with each day. There are those that have less than adequate resources such as the disparity with schools for the lower class as compared to the resources afforded by the upper and elite societies. Many of the less fortunate resort to illegal activities as a means to survive when they feel there are no other options available. Most of us are not faced with the extreme circumstances as previously described; however, we still face decisions based on what we are exposed to and influenced by. A negative environment can change who we are as we react to our surroundings instead of being steadfast as to whom we are. Many relationships fail as a result of the feeling that we lost ourselves along the way as Danger.jpgthe relationship turned us into someone we did not like. How can we add alternative options to our lives so we avoid succumbing to the negative aspects of the environment in which we live?

Our environment shows us the options that are present within our environment but does not represent all options. We must first understand who we are as individuals and what we want our life to resemble. Throughout or lives we will be faced with environmental dangers in which our choices will be key to our success and happiness or lack thereof. People teach us more of what not to do or what not to be then we are taught what to do or what to be. Lessons learned based on our bad experiences can take a toll on us. Regardless of our environment we should not only be able to thrive and be our true selves, we should not let anyone or anything transform us into someone that is not an accurate representation of ourselves. Our relationships with friends, family or significant others should be one that allows us to be who we are. If we are not desirable to others for whom we are then we should be okay with that as we move on and look for those the value and appreciate how we are. We are all works in progress and our environment can mold or shape us if we allow it. We should challenge ourselves to remain true to who we are and we should be the determiner of how we grow, develop and the choices we make, not our environment!