Day 41 – NOW

“Reflecting is great, what we do next is more important!”

We all have a regret or two from our past that we wish we could undo so we can rewrite those events. Some of us have been and will continue to be our own worst critics, where we continue to beat ourselves up for the missteps we’ve made in the past. What if we were all celebrities or professional athletes whose missteps become so public and get circulated over our multimedia driven world? The silver lining for us is that our missteps may only be known by a few people but that does not mean it was less impactful to someone else. If we dwell on the past we may be causing more harm because we have not moved on from our missteps. Unfortunately, our lives are not a word document so the undo button does not exist so we have to reflect, learn and do better.

Today, this minute, this hour, the now is when we can do better! What we do next is extremely important as we demonstrate to ourselves and those around us that we are Nowbetter. What we do now is critical to our happiness as we focus on not making the same missteps we have made in the past. It may require us to take it one day at a time until we create new habits or routines or adopt philosophies that improve our decision making. Has someone ever resolved an issue for you but you keep referring back to what went wrong instead of focusing on the solution that was made. It’s next, the now, the new great decisions that we make that are important as we become the best version of ourselves.

One thought on “Day 41 – NOW

  1. I really enjoyed reading this one because I can truly relate. I often find myself allowing the past to consume my today, even if it was things I could or could not control. The energy I use on thinking about the past, takes away from the energy I need to use on the now….Although I know this, and I have been working on it, it’s nice to read your blog and be reminded that I am doing what I need to do and moving forward. As always, nicely written.


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