Day 42 – Traditions

“Are traditions relevant anymore?”

We are a society of people that have traditions all around us, especially during the holidays throughout the year. Traditions have been passed down from one generation to another or are established by cities, states and countries. Traditions can be a positive experience but can attract commercialism as corporations pounce on the opportunity to improve their bottom lines. Traditions can be such a priority that we may even lose our perspective and make sacrifices to our time and finances for the sake of traditions. Are Christmas gifts that important that we have our lights cut off? Do married couples become increasingly separated as one spouse has traditions that the other is not as passionate about? Many traditions originated so long ago we don’t really know why we keep that tradition going. Have you ever researched the origins of any of the holiday Traditionstraditions that we embrace year after year, you may be surprised what information google has.

It may be time to review the traditions we partake in to see if they are truly valid or are deserving of our time and energy. Many families and friends have created special traditions that have materialized naturally because of a significant evident. Some of the best traditions are just spending time with your loved ones so relationships do not get lost as a result of the mundane things in life. Traditions can be special, bonding and serve as an everlasting connection that keeps us in touch with one another. Traditions often times are started with just a few words, “let’s make sure we do this again, this was great!” The best traditions are those that are still relevant and worthy of our time and sacrifices, if any. New traditions with significant meaning or benefit are worth establishing as we are in need of creating more connections in the times we live in.

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