Day 44 – Focus

“The power we gain from focus”

When we are out of sync and not doing things like we said we would or planned we have no one to blame but ourselves. Self-improvement is a hot topic throughout society and there are businesses and entrepreneurs that profit from our need and desire for self-improvement. We spend our hard earned money on the idea around continuous improvement only to fall short of our goals due to the many distractions around us. Our environment and those we surround ourselves with are key contributors to our lack of continuous improvement. Procrastination is also a contributing factor, have you ever heard someone say “yep I’m going to start next week but right now I am going to enjoy myself?” We may need to adopt the saying there’s no time like the present!


It’s not out of the question to say that we feel great when we accomplish our goals or see Focusprogress. How can we be more consistent? It starts with us being laser focused so we create the power to become better versions of ourselves. We have to get out of our own way as well as not let outside influences deter us from making progress or reaching our goals. If we align ourselves with other focused individuals or groups, then we are less likely to fail. We have to make our goal non-negotiable like a bank check, once the check is completed and signed; changes are not accepted by the bank. It is easy to give in and go with the flow when others try to persuade us to not take our goals so seriously. It’s difficult, only in the beginning, to remain steadfast with our purpose; however, the more we stick to our guns the easier it becomes to stay on track. Let’s start now, not tomorrow, not next week! Our laser focus can give us the power to do the things we set out to do and do them at a high level.

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