Day 46 – Naked In The Field


Do you love people for who they are?”

Has anyone ever told you that they loved you unconditionally? Buck naked in the field is just that, meaning without our worldly possessions, jobs, money, homes or the other tangible things that people associate us with. How many celebrities, wealthy people, or well-known people become attractive solely on the basis of their position in life? Where would those individuals be if they were without their current status? As a society we tend to gravitate towards the influential and popular in school, work or our friendships. The harsh reality is that we often overlook content and character in lieu of what people have or can do for us.

If our mates chose us on the basis of how we treat them, the kindness we show, the love Fieldwe provide, and the understanding we provide, who would we choose if we started all over again? Great question as some of us are choosing our mates as we speak and over time our criteria may have changed. Women will adamantly say I married for love; however, the second one will be for money! Are we really going to be happy with an emphasis on material worth in lieu of substance? We may be able to have both but starting with substance could result in a better relationship that will last until death do us part. As we interview and evaluate potential mates, looking for substance could result in finding our unconditional love, one that we will love no matter what…buck naked in the field just as they are.

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