Day 25 – This Too Shall Pass

“Endure the night our joy will come in the morning.”

There are things that happen in life, don’t let life happen to you is a very powerful statement. We have all felt like victims of circumstances at one time or another. How did we handle these circumstances and challenges? Sometimes the circumstances are unbearable or devastating and we get lost in the pain. When we have endured a lot during these times, there were more than likely times where we just felt like giving in or up all together. Have you been through a nasty divorce? Nasty and divorce seem to be synonymous with each other and can go on for years and destroy a family. When we make it to the other side there is a feeling of relief and a new energy to continue on. Losing a significant person in your life such as a spouse, friend, parent, sibling or child can be one of the worst times of our lives. With these insurmountable challenges we must find a way to survive.

Trouble doesn’t last always and we have to continue to fight. We must find hope in the positive aspects of our life and lean on them. We must take a step back and take one day at a time looking for ways to improve our outlook not add to the madness. Every time we go through something that is challenging it makes us stronger both mentally and emotionally. We add survival tools with each day and night that we continue to endure. How can we make life count no matter what the circumstances are? Divorce is an opportunity to find a more appropriate match. Divorce is experience gained and we must take note of the life lessons learned from this experience. We should appreciate the good times and use the bad times as leverage as we raise the bar higher in our next relationship. When someone close passes away, continue to live as though they are with you so you don’t lose the things gained from those relationships that have changed as a result of life changes. These and other challenges can be the period in which we have to pick ourselves up, hit the reset button once more, and endure the night knowing that our joy will be coming tomorrow.



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