Day 26 – Aspire to Inspire

“Our aspirations turn into inspirations for others.”

Have you been around people that constantly make you shake your head (smh) because you question what they are doing with their life? None of us are perfect so we shouldn’t judge but we should encourage those around us to be the best they can be. Many people are content with doing nothing that is groundbreaking and they are okay with going in the opposite direction of the flow as oppose to going with it or creating their own flow. If we are not careful we can become uninspired by those around us and it won’t be too Aspirelong before we are heading in the wrong direction. After a while we will probably get tired of being uninspired but by then we have lost so much ground. The negative influences that can surround us can be devastating to say the least if we are not doing things to counteract them and create our own positive aura.

As we look to aspire to be more each day, each week and each year there are positive aspects that will impact our lives. What about those around us or that we come in contact with, how will they be affected? I’m sure there are people that have told each of us that they were either proud of something we accomplished or acknowledged the good work we have done in the past. More people are taking note of our accomplishments and as we strive to do more with our lives than the previous year. The people around us may even be inspired by our own aspirations. As we set out to do something new we tend to get questions from others even if they don’t fully understand our objectives or they just wouldn’t have been interested in doing the same thing themselves. Have you ever gotten upset that someone you know is now doing the same thing you did several months or years ago? Why be upset as they may have just given you a compliment which is that they liked what you did so much they copied you. Don’t look at it as a negative look at it as what it really is, inspirational. We can have an indirect influence on others as they look from a far as they are inspired by our aspirations.

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