Day 24 – Women Raising Their Man?

“Are you raising your man or enjoying him?”

Men often encounter the scrutiny of women in the beginning of new relationships especially related to whether or not that man has their shit (pardon my French) together! Let me start by saying we are not talking about men in their early 20’s who are still figuring out manhood and all the things that go with it. I am talking about age 30 and over and men that need to be raised by women! Women may take a chance on a man that does not have their shit together but has potential to get their life in order. So the women proceeds to get involved with the man only to find out that several months or years later the man is still trying to get their stuff together. They live with their mothers or their girlfriend, cannot seem to hold down a steady job (good job that is career oriented), does not have their own car, does not automatically reach for the check at Changedinner, or is just not working towards any goals and seems to be in limbo or in a rut. If you are that woman this is trying to wait on your man’s potential and not getting anywhere, why are you complaining?

How would life be if you met or had a man that was the complete opposite and you didn’t need to raise that man? He would be career driven with aspirations and goals that were not just talk but were works in progress. He came with his own car, very good job or working towards one, and had no problem picking up the check knowing that you had the means to pay also. What if he was kind, thoughtful and was genuinely interested in what was best for you? How would you feel if he put you first in his life but knew how to stay in touch with his boys without going overboard? What if instead of you spending your time, money and energy on trying to make both of your lives easier, that your already raised man made it a point to make your life easier? Ask yourself whether or not you should continue raising your man or if you are deserving of a ready-made man in your life?

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