Day 23 – Person vs. Title

“Titles do not define us as People”

We all have a title that we have either created for ourselves or one that has been given to us over time. We are mothers, fathers, mentors, teachers, leaders, doctors, preachers, comedians, etc. Have you ever asked yourself, do I ever take off my “title” hat and just be you without your hat? Have you ever called someone close to you to share something with them that perhaps you were proud of and they were critical or stated they wouldn’t have done that if it were them? What about a teacher who is always teaching when everyone just wants to relax or have fun, is every moment a teaching moment? How about a religious person that always finds a reason to preach? Are you the comedian that thinks everything is funny when perhaps a joke is not appropriate? There is a time and place for everything. Are you lost without your title hat on?

Titles do not define who we are but may just indicate what our passion is or just simply Name Platewhat we are good at. Mothers should be mothers to their children, not to everyone they come in contact with. We are people first, and then are titles are secondary and should not be what people see as soon as we walk in the room. It may be a good idea to occasionally take your title hat off and be okay with putting it on when someone asks you to be your passion. When someone needs your expertise then game on! Show them your passion and the value that you provide when your title hat is on.

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