Day 18 – Life Preserver

“Have you ever had a life preserver in your life?”

It goes without saying that life can be a handful at times and without some much needed help in our lives we might not survive! By now we may have been told that we should not always lean on our own understanding. That implies that we need help throughout life and we simply do not have all the answers or at least the correct answers. We have all kicked ourselves because we made a misstep or just screwed things up. Most if not all of us have a network of friends, family or coworkers that we can lean on from time to time to keep us honest or provide much needed guidance. If we let our stubbornness get the best of us by refusing to reach out to others for help, we are just asking for a rocky road. Think back to the last time you made a misstep and ask yourself what could you have done differently to make that situation a more positive one? If you went at it alone, maybe just maybe it could have been a different outcome had you been open to assistance.

The people in our lives that have or can help us can feel like life savers in so many instances. Have you ever heard someone be so gracious that they referred to the person that helped them as their life saver? We use the term life saver loosely; however, when Life Perserveryou think of the literal term and its importance it makes so much sense. Imagine you are not a strong swimmer at all, you just fell overboard and the seas are rough, what are the odds that you will save yourself? You may last a few minutes at best as you struggle to stay afloat. As soon as the boat crew takes action and tosses out the life preserver, a sigh of relief comes over you because without assistance you more than likely would not survive. The next time you are trouble or are contemplating an important decision, look to your live saver for help. If we utilize the life savers that have been placed in our lives, our chances of survival with each new challenge or decision may just turn out to be better than it would if we only relied on our self.

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