Day 19 – Appreciate What You Have

“Make the best out of what you have and make it work for you!”

It’s safe to say that we all want more out of life than we currently have but it takes time and effort to get our life the way we really want it to be. The reality is that we may never get to the ideal life no matter how hard we try. Appreciating what we have now with the understanding that future accomplishments will be icing on the cake will help us be more appreciative of what we have today. Do you have friends or family who are always complaining that their life is so awful? There is nothing worse than complainers that don’t take any action to change their circumstances and continue to complain about the same things over and over again.

If you are not appreciative of what you have in life, remember that there is always going to be someone out there that is doing better than you are as well as someone out there Gratefulthat is doing much worse than you are. Taking a look at what we have and appreciating it can go a long way in how we approach each day. If you have been at your job for more than 3 years is it really that bad? Is your spouse or mate, who is essentially the same person you fell in love with way back when, really that bad? Make a list of all the things that are going well in your life, be honest, and then make a list of all the things you want to change or add in your life. If your list of things that are going well in your life is longer than the list of changes or additions, then life may not be so bad after all. Once you come to the realization that life is really not as bad as you make it out to be, spend more energy on the list of changes or additions and make your life that much better. We will all do well by making the best out of what we have today.

One thought on “Day 19 – Appreciate What You Have

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