Day 17 – Why Not Me?

“Instead of asking why me, ask yourself why not me?”

We witness success all around us on the television, in the news, our friends, our coworkers and we should expect the same for ourselves. When opportunities become available do we automatically count ourselves out, if so why? We should all define what success looks like for us, not our parents or friends or family. If we want success we have to first believe in ourselves and make it happen. We are quick to provide all the reasons why we will not or should not be considered for a great opportunity in life. We are quick to say “why would anyone consider me?” Since we have thought long and hard about why we cannot achieve something, we are doing ourselves a disservice and essentially getting in our own way!

Instead of asking why me, ask why not me! Focus on all of the reasons we can achieve something or what we need to do to get us closer to where we want to be. Small Why Not Mesuccesses lead to bigger successes that can lead to even bigger successes. Life is a process and we will do well to follow the steps to success. We can all achieve what we put our minds to, the most important aspects of success is our self-belief and the efforts we put forth to achieving our goals. The next time a great opportunity presents itself, ask yourself why not me?

One thought on “Day 17 – Why Not Me?

  1. Mark,

    I can truly relate to this blog. As a child my family and friends only saw me a a singer who had what it took to become a successful singer. I was only viewed as a singer, but inside my true passion was dealing with numbers. As a child I fell into doing what my family and friends saw me becoming, but my true passion superseded as I became an adult. I pursued a degree in accounting and finance, and was successful. Yet, I set limitations on myself in what I would do with my degrees. I thought to myself I would just be an accountant and be the best I could be, but my employers kept offering me opportunities that I thought were impossible for me to perform. I am happy to say that I chose to remove the limitations I had placed on myself, and decided to take advantage of every opportunity afforded to me. I use to ask myself how can a “singer” become a Treasurer, why me? I thank God that others saw more in me and encouraged me to go further. Now after reading your blog I’m asking myself “why not me?” I now see that I am worthy just like anyone else who has worked hard. I have removed all the limitations I had placed on myself in the past. Thanks for the great blog! Keep them coming mi amigo!!


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