Day 14 – New Normal

“Are you okay with the new normal or are you stuck in the past?”

Life changes at a moment’s notice or gradually over time. How well do you deal with change? Does it sneak up on you before you know it or do you anticipate it and prepare ahead of time? Changes in your life are constantly going on, it’s how to adjust or manage them that is the real challenge. If we focus too much on how things were or how we want things to be, that could very well be why change sneaks up on us.  You may ask yourself, why did things have to change? You may simply resist the change all together because the change represents something new or uncomfortable. Things that make us uncomfortable could be a sign of growth if we embrace the change and we are not resistant.

When we feel change occurring, instead of saying to ourselves that this is not normal, we will do well to look at it as the new normal. The old saying out with the old and in with the new, we can apply this to our new normal. The faster we recognize the change that is occurring or we realize the need for us to create change, the less we will be stuck in the past. NormalInstead of using our energy to focus on the past we will in turn focus our energy on adjusting to the new normal. Change is occurring all around us and those that do not anticipate, embrace or create change may be left behind or struggle in life. Look around at your life and see if you can identify a change this is occurring now or is up coming. Once you identify it, refer to it as the new normal; understand what this change means for you and begin making the adjustments as soon possible. You will no longer be stuck in the past and you will be okay with your new normal.



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