Day 15 – Heavy Weight Champion of the World

“Do you have things or people in your life that weigh you down or make it difficult for your soar?”

As we look around our lives we probably have a lot going and sometimes it can get overwhelming. Life can feel like an uphill climb and the lighter the load the better so we don’t tire out. There are things and people that will certainly add weight to our journey up the hill of life. Do you have bad associations that add weight to your journey? Have you ever considered the impact of the people that are not liked-minded with you, are their weight? If there are people in your life that causes friction on a regular basis, does this impact you directly or indirectly? Do you have distractions that weigh you down and make it more difficult for you to stay on track? Is there reoccurring drama from others that adds dead weight and frustration to your life? Discouragers can also add unwanted Weightweight to our lives by discounting our efforts or ideas and we lose the zest we previously had. There are also people that appear to be idols or envious that could make you feel guilty for you own success or achievements. Our closest friends could be compelled to compete with us as oppose to being a support network. These dead weights are impeding our progress in life.

Identifying the dead weight in our lives can help tremendously as we climb the hill of life. When we make good decisions or remove a weight the relief we feel can be overwhelming at times. We have more energy and we can feel that what we want to accomplish is easier to achieve. Our focus can now shift from compensating for the weight to moving forward. Not only do we feel better when a weight is removed but we can identify weights approaching our lives before they weight us down. If we are dealing with dead weight and other things that are slowing us down, we must remove these weights so that we can not only climb but soar to the top or our climb in life.

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