Day 14 – Health And Fitness: You Cannot Outwork A Bad Diet!

“Diet and Exercise go together”

Eating whatever we want and thinking that we can run it off at the gym or make up for it later with intense exercise is asking for unhealthiness.  When we don’t see results soon we tend to give up or throw in the towel. We are working against ourselves if we keep eating fast food, starchy foods, foods with preservatives, high fat content foods etc. The older we get the easier it is to gain weight and the harder it is to lose it.  Gaining more weight and a poor diet can lead the dependency on medication for all kinds of aliments. The cost of medication is probably more than the slightly higher cost of fresh and healthy foods.

If you are planning to work out today, fuel your body with foods that provide energy, nutrients and the vitamins that you need to have a productive workout. Educate yourself Fuelon foods that increase fat gain and foods that increase fat burn. Eat with a passion to be healthy and incorporate organic foods that are without ingredients that are bad for your health. If you are a label reader, stick with foods that have no labels. Fresh fruits and vegetables have no ingredients listed because they are the only ingredient. Eat proteins that are low in fat and are free from harmful chemicals. You will get much better results if you help your workouts by exercising to attack the fat you already have, don’t create more. Change your diet, vary your workouts, and help your body be as fit as you can while eating foods that are fun and healthy to eat.

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