Day 10 – Growth

“Grow through what you go through”

Let me start by saying that life is difficult, challenging, exhausting and so much more. Life is an experience and we are taught every day of our lives something new. We go through things that we cannot plan for and things that break us down little by little. Life can be so overwhelming at times that we fall into our own funk and the only person that can get us out is ourselves with some help from a higher belief. Life’s challenges often come in three’s, they often come without warning, they sometime never go away or there is no fix for them. What do we do and how do we survive? Do we succumb and be defeated or do we take life head on and not only survive but thrive?

We can grow through what we go through by being students of life. We can learn so much from our successes and failures that we must reflect on them and use our Growthexperiences as a source of power. Look back at this year and summarize all of the things you have survived through and highlight what you have learned from each experience. When you put all the things together that life has thrown your way and see how much you have grown from each experience you will be amazed at the ongoing transformation that has taken place. As you take on each challenge you are adding new life muscles to your physique. Just like a workout it’s not easy but the results show over time if you put in the work. The more we grow the more we know. The next time you are in a situation that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, this may just be an indicator that growth is coming or required. Knowing that growth is upon you and embracing the opportunity to grow will allow you to grow through what you go through.

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3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Growth

    • Very nice! Your perspective on life is very enlightening. “Growth” has made me rethink various obstacles I have faced in my life, and I’m sure I will utilize this concept in the future to avoid becoming overwhelmed with life’s challenges. Thank you for always sharing your wisdom.


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