Day 2 – Love at the Same Level

“Is loving on the same level realistic?”

If we are fortunate we will fall in love at least once in our lifetime, possibly more than once. Look at your current relationship or a relationship from the past, did you love at the same level? If you’ve ever felt like your partner or mate didn’t love you the same as you loved them, it was probably a source of contention whether you knew it or not. Love can be the driving force that determines how much effort you or your partner put into the relationship. It can be very obvious when one partner puts more effort into the relationship or regularly says we instead of I,  or is always thinking about the other person first and does things for their partner automatically. When the same level of love is not present, the higher level lover is more than likely putting more into the relationship than they are receiving in return. Thus, the source of contention begins; questions begin to arise as to why the effort level is just not the same. The lower level lover thinks nothing is wrong because their effort level is comparable to their love level. Eventually the uneven love levels are enough to dissolve the relationship.

If your partner and you loved at the same or near the same levels how different would your relationship be? Heart ScaleWhen you have a project to do at work or around the house and you need help, wouldn’t you choose someone that is going to match your same level of effort and pull their weight? The same concept can be applied to relationships; we need a partner that pulls their love weight. To be at the same love level means to be on the same page or to love in harmony. Although love levels can be subjective, you definitely know it when someone does not love you in the same manner that you love that person. The relationship can surely work; however, how much better would it be if your partner loved you just as much as you loved them? Their effort level, their actions, and the amount of love returned to you would not only be tangible but you would feel it in your soul.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Love at the Same Level

  1. I believe it’s realistic to meet someone who loves on the same level. On the other hand we have to stop ignoring the red flags when they arises which alert you that the person is not on the same love as yourself and know when to walk away instead of forcing or trying to convince that person to be on the same love level.

    Thanks for the inspiration that there is still love that is on the same level.
    Tonya M.

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  2. Love can be on the same level if you choose the right partner. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where they are putting in most of the work, most of the time. A 50/50 love is ideal, but there will be days when you may need to give more or receive more. We need to just make sure that that isn’t the situation all the time. Great read! Keep up the good work!

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  3. If you have self-love and open to receiving the love that someone is offering, I do believe that loving on the same level can be realistic but you have to both want it.

    Great read !!

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