Day 1 – Be Ready for New Opportunities

“Are you ready for the next opportunity that presents itself?”

Most if not all of us have aspirations to do new things in our personal and/or career lives, but are we ready? Ask yourself have you thought about what you want to do next, or have you done anything in preparation for the next opportunity that presents itself. This may require forward thinking a concept of visioning what you want the future to look like. Our vision may be slightly different than what actually transpires but having somewhat of an idea of what you want can certainly be helpful. Anticipating how a new opportunity might be a positive addition to your life can make for a good experience.

Are you willing to embrace change or are you a resistor to change? Do you frown at risks or things that make you feel a bit uncomfortable? There is a difference between taking a risk compared to taking a calculated risk. A calculated risk requires information gathering, weighing the pros and cons, and looking at the before and after effects of the new opportunity in your life. Life is an adventure so be adventurous and expand your comfort level range. Too often we shy away from a new opportunity, one because we have not thought about new possibilities, or two we automatically dismiss the opportunity because it is so different from anything we have done before. We should all regularly carve out some time to think about what new opportunities we would embrace or be open to undertaking. The importance of forward thinking, embracing change and expanding your comfort range will more than likely result in personal and professional growth.

5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Be Ready for New Opportunities

  1. I never heard of the concept “forward thinking” until you acknowledged the concept. Thank you for this take away-Forward Thinking. Reminds me of the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I would agree that everyone should have vision. It’s important to at least have an idea of what you are working towards. I personally have a “vision board” of my own. Very inspirational.


  3. In agreement with “Thinking Forward” and feel that it’s part of having a vision board.

    It’s the blueprint of your vision!



  4. I agree wholeheartedly…

    Unfortunately many of us harbor a Jonah Complex, in that we’ve received our mandate, but fear and uncertainty compels us to run… Only for us to be swallowed by that which we foolishly assumed that we were escaping from.

    We have to throw our “Jonah” overboard if we truly want our storms to stop.

    Great piece!


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