Day 39 – The Gift of Goodbye


“Saying goodbye might not be as bad as you think.”

Relationships are so beneficial for both parties when things are great. When things start to go awry or each individual grows apart then the relationship has a dilemma on its hands. Not only is it hurtful but breaking up can certainly be awkward. It’s common that one of the partners in the relationship may want to stay in the relationship and work it out or they just don’t want to deal with the reality of it all. Moving on could be the best thing for both parties as this could represent a positive change in both people’s lives. There may be a tendency to hold on longer just because that is the easy route. Saying goodbye might not be as bad as you think.

The gift of goodbye that is what your breakup is. It is a gift, it is a blessing, it could be just what you need. Everything you are asking for is now making its way to you because your breakup is the blessing. You can rest your head at night knowing that what your hurt Goodbye.jpgwas affiliated with is no longer your problem. No more lies, no more stories, no more hurt and pain, just no more. You have to be able to see the blessing in your breakup. You deserve peace and you definitely deserve happiness. You deserve love and you deserve respect. You are not someone’s other, better than that you are the one. So get excited for all that is coming your way. It’s time to heal; this is your time to work on you. It’s not easy to heal from a break up but it can be done. Relationships no matter how long or short are not guaranteed to last forever. It may be time to say goodbye in order to be the best version of you.

-Thank you L.D. for sharing this learning experience!

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