Day 37 – Paint Your Life’s Vision

“Do you know what you want your life to look like?”

Have you really thought about how you want your life to be? Do you think it’s too late to paint a new picture and start over? Painting our life’s picture gives us a vision to work towards one that represents some semblance of happiness and fulfillment. If we do not paint our picture or vision it may end up very different than we ever thought it could be. Paintings can tell a story that may require a little imagination to put it all together. Features within the painting may point to pieces of the story within the painting. If your life painting was in an art gallery what do you think onlookers would see within your painting? It’s never too late to pull out a new canvas, mix a few colors and create your Lifemasterpiece. Don’t worry about the critics, it’s your life not theirs. Who would be captured in your painting? Would your painting reflect on your past experiences which can lead to what your future would look like?

If we haven’t envisioned our life painting, how would we start our painting? No matter what point in life that you are in, the idea is to paint your picture of how you want it to be in the short and/or long term. It could be that your painting is mostly complete or you have a blank canvas. Your painting may require mixing of colors which could be the equivalent to experimenting with interests or your career. Once you have tried a few different colors you choose one that you like and put it on your canvas. As you define important parts of your life your painting will start to take shape. Your style, where you want live, who your mate is, what your career focus is and experiences that help shape your life painting. Your vision or painting can be your road map to happiness simply by sketching your outline and then as the months and years take place you fill in your sketch lines with color and substance. If you have not envisioned what your life painting looks like, choose your canvas, you paint colors and your style to produce your own work of art. Let art imitate life that way you would like to see it!

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