Day 21 – Building Wealth

“Are we building wealth in our lives?”

There are more things that contribute to whether or not our lives are filled with wealth other than money or financial security. Our degree of wealth is really determined by us not by anyone else. Our lives can be far different than those we know simply because of whom we surround ourselves with and what type of life makes us happy. Knowing what our wealth looks like can help us to stay on the right path and not get distracted by chasing someone else’s idea of what a prosperous life is. What are the things that are important to you? Is it time, knowledge, experiences, money or all of the above?

Some of us value time more than other things in life. Time could be related to the amount and quality of time spent with our families. Time could be the amount of time in which we can allocate to things we love to do outside of the work, school or the responsibilities of adulthood. Energy could be just as important, the amount of energy we have may be an important determiner of what we spend that energy on. Energy could also be the quality of that energy, is it negative or positive energy that surrounds our life. Knowledge may be a driving force in our level of wealth; do we seek out knowledge everyday through the vast knowledge that exists within the internet? Our pursuit of knowledge could be in the level of education we seek whether college, an advanced degree or a specialty skill as these may determine the level of our wealth. For some of us experience may be more important to us than anything else. If we like to travel or seek out new adventures we feel wealthy with the things and places we have experienced. Lastly, money can certainly be a source of wealth in which we determine what is appropriate. For some of us wealth is owning a home, retiring without fear of being in poverty, having a million dollars or more, or just having options to deal with life’s challenges. Regardless of what determines your wealth we should all be aware of which source(s) of wealth are of importance to us and go after that.




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