Day 12 – Own It

“Do we own up to our mistakes or cover them up?”

Since we are all imperfect we are going to make mistakes more often than we would expect. As we get older we should become wiser; however that doesn’t completely diminish mistakes on our part. What we do next is often just as important as the mistake itself. Do we own up to our mistakes or look for ways to hide them or cover them up? Are we quick to put the blame on someone else or on some other reason? It is not so farfetched that we may be creating other problems by not owning up to or covering up our mistakes. The last time someone made a mistake that affected us whether intentional or unintentional, was more than likely looked over if that person owned up to the mistake as oppose to covering it up. When people don’t own up to their short comings, they inevitably are losing our trust and their integrity. What’s in it for us if we own it?

Admitting to our mistakes is a great way to show that we are human and that we are a work in progress as we strive daily to be better and do better. Being honest usually goes over very well when there were good intentions when the mistake was made. Learning from mistakes can be vital to our individual growth and maturity. By now we should have all learned that experience is the best teacher meaning we can certainly do well by learning from our mistakes. With each misstep we gain experience if we take the time to learn from our mistakes. As we train ourselves and obtain more knowledge from our mistakes, we can look forward to not repeating the same mistakes over and over again. As we learn through our own experiences by first owning it, we can become better people through continuous self-improvement.



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