Day 7 – The Importance of a Woman to a Man

“A woman is an important part of a man’s success.”

A woman keeps a man honest, on the straight and narrow path, and challenges him to be a better man than even he thought was possible. A woman will communicate with a man letting him know when he is right or wrong. Women are nurturers and possess the power of motivation and encouragement to both their family and man. A woman in some instances, will believe more in a man than that man believes in himself. A woman simply put,  can see the potential in man when he does not. A woman is a coach on the field of life, regularly telling a man that he can do whatever he puts his mind to. Black LoveA woman will be there to pick a man up during his failures  and at also be proud as she looks upon his successes. A woman’s power of influence can be vital to a man’s success, which can be key to areas that include fatherhood, career, family and so much more.

Woman should be careful not to lose their independence by putting too much time into a man’s success. Many women have lost their identities as a result of over-investing their time and energy into a man’s success. Do you know a woman that was successful before being in a serious relationship or marriage? After some time the, effects of motherhood and self-sacrifice resulted in a loss of their identity or independence Upon a breakup or divorce the woman is now suffering to take care of herself emotionally, physically and financially due to her love and devotion to her family and mate. A woman can be an important part of a man’s success while also maintaining her identity and independence. If  a man is fortunate enough to have a woman in their life that makes them a better man, women must expect the man to provide the same encouragement and support. A man’s goal should be to ensure that a woman continues to develop her identity and independence throughout the relationship making the relationship even stronger over time.


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One thought on “Day 7 – The Importance of a Woman to a Man

  1. This is a powerful perspective – in relationships we are proverbial sounding boards and it behooves each party to recognize the influence that one has on the other. Absent of this, we are subject to wandering into the confines of that which is not for us.

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