Day 4 – Everyone Needs Regular Resets In Life

“We all need regular resets to keep us on track in life.”

Is your life in disarray, heading in the right direction or ready for a reset? We all fall into one of these three classifications or stages in life. We have all been in a place of disarray at some point in our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Disarray is a feeling that nothing is going right, we have no goals established, we are struggling with our finances, health, family, in our careers or even our relationships. What about heading in the right direction? Are you working on achieving a short term goal, are your finances rounding into shape, are you working on a new opportunity for growth at your job or are you growing individually through education?  When you feel that your goals or objectives are in motion, there is optimism as you approach each day along with direction and purpose in your life. Heading in the right direction feels like you are in control of your life, there is a feeling of confidence and you are prepared for the next new challenge in your life. Staying the course and perseverance are keys to achieving your goals in life. As you achieve your goals in life, hit the reset button by setting a new goal to continue your success. No matter what classification we acknowledge we are in, we all need regular resets in life to stay focused and have continued growth.

Divorce or any significant breakup can certainly put us in a place of disarray! Everything has changed, there is no feeling of stability, we now have to be self-sufficient and our life is spiraling out of control. For years we have lived with our significant other making life decisions as though we would be together forever. Now there is only one income to depend on and that may not be enough to support the decisions that were made based on having two incomes. On top of the emotions involved with divorce, the instability and having no mate to depend on, now there is financial strain as you try to figure out how to keep things in order when it may be impossible. Your life is in disarray! It’s time to take action and remove this feeling of disarray by being honest as to what changes need to happen fast. The only way to make positive changes is to start setting goals, for example you may need to downsize in order to eliminate the financial strain that now exists. Be realistic in what you can afford, it may be a temporary setback as you begin to dig out of your financial strain. When there are plans with goals, there is hope! Now that you have put in motion your plans to downsize, you start to feel better and there is a feeling that you are finally heading in the right direction.  You are in your new place, the kids are settled, you can pay the bills and now there is a new feeling of stability. Now it’s time to hit the reset button and set a new goal. To generate more income and get that higher paying job you may need more skills or education.  In your marriage there was never the time or urgency to go back to school so why not set this as your next goal? You sign up for classes, school is now part of your regular routine and you are steadily making progress. Once again you are heading in the right direction in life and you can feel great about where you are headed.  There is momentum in your life and you are in full control. Before you know it graduation is upon you and success is no longer out of reach but it is expected. Are you thinking about what’s next, is your next goal to go for that new job?  Disarray certainly is far different from heading in the right direction or being ready for a reset. Achieving one or more of your goals is an indicator that it’s time to hit the reset button. We can all use goal setting to get us out of disarray and heading in the right direction ; as we achieve our goals hit the reset button to determine what’s next for us in life.



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2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Everyone Needs Regular Resets In Life

  1. I never thought about hitting the reset button on my life. After reading this, it has made me think of certain things that’s going on in my life and not look at them as set backs and/or failures. A divorce is a hard pill to swallow. As you stated above, “For years we have lived with our significant other making life decisions as though we would be together forever.” Now that a divorce is in place you think to yourself “did I make the right decision”, “is this the path I’m supposed to be taking”, or you may even feel like a failure. As I am going through a divorce now, I truly in the beginning felt like I “failed.”, Not only did I fail God, I also failed myself and my children. I’m now thinking differently. Everything happens for a reason, and trust that God makes no mistakes!. Now that I know I can hit the “reset button” I’m moving forward with setting new goals in life that fits me and my children. I love the advice, please, please, keep posting good advice, you never know what someone is going through.


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