Day 34 – Your Home Is A Reflection Of You

“Does your home’s appearance accurately depict your personality?”

Have you ever been over someone’s house and as you walk in your tread lightly in caution because you are not sure what you might step on or what may be around the corner? Have you gone in anyone’s home and you look around and think to yourself how can they live like this?  Regardless of a home’s size or worth, if there is clutter and uncleanliness, the home is not a welcoming place to be. We often get busy in our daily lives that we just don’t have time to pick up around the house and make sure things are Happy Coupleclean and tidy. What about the decor in our homes, do we have empty rooms or the very basic furnishings because its jut not that important? Could it be that we are not feeling good about ourselves or our current situation that we check out around the house and before you know the house is a mess? If our home is a mess do we go off to work looking a mess or do we think that since we aren’t expecting any company that no one will see our messy house so who cares?  Regardless of our situation, our home can be a reflection of our personality.

Have you been friends with someone that has a spirited personality and then when you went to their homes their house had characteristics of their personality? Their home may have bright vibrant colors with each room furnished with just enough to give it a homey feel. Everything in their home has a purpose and a place in an orderly fashion. There are fresh smells and a comfortable vibe that makes you want to sit down, relax and stay awhile. Their home feels like a reflection of their personality and demeanor. What if you just don’t have a lot of money to spend on furnishings? If not, take the approach that even a simple home can be neat an orderly and look and feel the vibe that you give off when you are around other people. Nice things are not always expensive; yard sales are a great place to find home furnishings for very little cost. Most of us have had to start out with very little and it took time to add little by little to make our homes feel homey. Whether you have the means to obtain the furnishings of your choice or not, take pride in the look and feel of your home and make sure it is a true reflection of your personality.