Day 43 – A House Is Not A Home

“Do you have a house or a home?”

 A well-known song contains enlightening lyrics that point out the difference between a house and home. The song writer makes it very clear that a home that is missing that someone special is just a house. Relationships can be reminiscent of a house that is devoid of someone special that adds so much meaning to many aspects of life. If you go about life alone and are missing that complimentary person in your life, you in essence only have a house. Characteristics of a house are vacant, without laughter, missing support and encouragement, not containing honest feedback and having a lack of overall fulfillment. We all need uplifting and support through the good and bad times. A house with empty walls and missing the smells of a welcoming place are much less desirable. It’s a place that is just an address with walls and ceilings, just a structure. A house is missing love and enrichment, cold and stark.

When a house goes through the transformation into a home, it’s a very desirable place to be with a welcoming feel. The same is true with a meaningful relationship where there is an obvious presence of love. Smiles and laughter consume every room in which the homecouple resides. Envious and celebrated love exists and those that are part of the relationship are thankful of the gift they have provided each other. Their home is just that, a warm and inviting place where the walls are filled with extensions of their personality. There are reminders and memories of the great times that have occurred and any empty spaces await the addition of items that capture new memories and experiences. A home is peaceful and bright and is a reflection of the persons that have created this home. Women deserve their just due as their influence and personal touch can be seen throughout the home and relationship. Men add masculinity to the home and relationship that represents safety and security to create a peaceful environment. If you have a home, be thankful and be appreciative of its very existence. Work together with your mate to keep your home just that; keeping a home is much easier than creating  one.

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